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February 07, 2007


Margaret Sutherland

This happens with many issues in the press. Words are powerful - for good or bad!

Scott Hamilton

I bet that they didn't mention that most (or certainly a lot) of our international friends actually want to meaningfully contribute to the society that they would like to call their own (maybe the tabloids excepted). Maybe they should focus on solutions like giving permission to work, national insurance numbers to stop exploitation, and taxes to contribute to the economy wouldn't that be refreshing. But would it sell papers? I think I might be on to something. Every culture needs a scapegoat, and the tabloids lazily present our friends as work-shy spongers. I think we know that they exist, but they are seldom international and have a strong preference for papers who begin their titles with Daily....

Jim Gordon

Many a year ago I worked in the Mayfield brickwork where an old ex con used to be laughed at for reading the Glasgow Herald. He renamed The Daily Express as The Deadly Excess. The article you refer to retains the old toxicity which poisons minds by drip drip dripping its innuendo, prejudice and half truths (always more effective than blatant lies. As Wendell Berry would say, it is an act of witness to say words we can stand by. Well said Brodie.


Margaret, Scott & Jim - Thanks for your comments. For me this highlights the importance of truth telling and of getting real stories out into the public sphere.

Guacamole Girl

SO angry about this article, it's taken several days to be able to comment! This style of "reporting" is lazy and irresponsible. I am really disappointed, as I have just a few days ago commented on my blog about attitudes changing for the better. This sort of article is aimed at setting such progress back.
Thankfully, I read an opposite view on Saturday's Independant - http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_britain/article2255718.ece Bringing the story to an individual level never fails to make it real. I hope real voices are heard in a debate that has the potential to change British society for the better or keep it mired in prejudice & bigotry.

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